About Alpine Animal Art

Beer Run 1.png
Hello there!

I'm Patrice Palmer

I'm an artist, singer/songwriter, animal lover and wildlife advocate. I created Alpine Animal Art in 2005, and since then I've drawn over 1500 individual animal portraits for owners all over the world.

I live in a remote mountain town surrounded by public lands, so naturally I spend most of my time outdoors with my dog Ajax enjoying nature!


As a wildlife advocate I've run a 501(c)3 non profit since 2012 called "Lake City Friends of the Bears". We do a lot to educate folks and come up with solutions to be more bear smart, bear aware and in effect protects both humans and bears.

"What's good for bears is good for people!"


As a singer/songwriter I play a solo show locally every Saturday night in the winter months at Lake City Brewing Company, and then in the summer months at a wonderful place called Packer's Saloon and & Cannibal Grill with my full 5-piece band "People Talkin'. If you ever find yourself in Lake City chances are you can catch me singing and playing my 12-string on a weekend night!

The photo to your left is me holding a Canada Lynx which has been collared and had it's vitals added into a research data base. I had the amazing opportunity to help in this research program along with many other programs involving moose and especially bears, thanks to Colorado Parks and Wildlife organization.